Process X-Ray

Our discovery solution is an X-ray for your complicated processes.  With our visualisation, you will instantly identify how to remove bottlenecks, unlock hidden costs and speed up delivery of value to internal and external customers.

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How Does Process X-Ray Work?

  • How does process discovery work?

    Together we identify the most common paths through your core processes.

    We then map out all possible variables through the process.

    Through the variables above, we identify the vulnerabilities that affect speed, quality, cost, and compliance.

  • The benefits of this process

    • Get a deeper understanding of your core processes.  Identify and remove hidden costs 
    • Get the customer what they want… FASTER!
    • Reduce admin for staff involved in every process to focus on revenue generating tasks

  • From there…

    Using your newfound knowledge we can automate these processes. Finding the best way is the first step. Executing on that using automation is the next.

Process X-ray Features & Benefits

Discover what you’ve been missing: complete transparency into what’s working in your business processes and what requires additional focus.

Discovering the most optimised process

"Happy Path Discovery"

Start by seeing the most common path that cases take as they move through the process.

Variant discovery

Visualize and explore every variant of your process — right down to the last deviations

Unitek Process X-ray to optimise processes

Process Compliance & Vulnerability Detection

Discover the variables that contribute to process deviation and affect speed, quality, cost, and compliance