Process X-Ray
Get a hyper-accurate snapshot of your processes in minutes. Visualise common paths and identify bottlenecks to optimise workflows, minimise hidden costs, and bring value to your customers faster than ever.

Have your processes grown too complex for their own good?

Many financial service providers face a similar problem.
Instead of focusing on core activities and delivering value to your customers, your team is getting bogged down with ever-more-complicated, opaque, and time-consuming workflows.
Bottlenecks and inefficiencies pile up, but you lack transparency into the system. As a result, you waste time, money, and resources on temporary, band-aid solutions.
On top of all that, you also have to deal with complaints from disgruntled clients.
There is a smarter way to do things.

With Unitek's

Process X-Ray solution, you can:

Visualise and get a deep understanding of your core processes.
Identify and remove bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and hidden costs.
Optimise your workflows — even those that seem to work just fine.
Reduce the admin burden for your staff.
Free time and resources to focus on revenue generation.
Get your customers what they want, faster.

How It Works


We start by taking an X-ray of your current workflows to identify the most common paths cases take as they move through your process.


Then, we map out all possible variants of your process — right down to the last deviations.


We identify the vulnerabilities that affect speed, quality, cost, and compliance.


We automate your processes in the most cost-effective and efficient way.


You benefit from increased productivity, lower operational costs, higher revenue, and happy customers.

Ready To X-Ray Your Organisation?

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