Process Automation

Automation is about eliminating manual tasks and keystrokes.  Intelligent automation is about so much more.  Unitek’s drag-and-drop automation ensures that you do the right thing at the right time, faster than ever before and can automate even the most complicated processes with no-code required.

What makes our no-code automation tools unique is that they are non-exhaustive and non-invasive. Every organisation introduces new processes on a daily or monthly basis.

With UniTek, we provide drag-and-drop functionality so you can constantly automate new flows without a single line of code or disrupting current systems, even if they are internal and legacy.

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How Does Process Automation Work?

  • Execute

    Directly automate process steps with robust backend connections leveraging 100+ system integrations including Sage, Hubspot, Google and Salesforce.

    Build your own automations by combining pre-built flows or creating no-code flow to automate many processes including:

    • Claims handling
    • Policy Renewals
    • Loan Processing 
    • Accounts Payable 
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Purchase to Pay

  • Iterate

    Never compromise between full automation and human decision support. Performance from each application, claim, ticket, order, or invoice that is automated is reviewed and benchmarked against the performance of the ‘old way’ with clear and demonstrable ROI.

  • Optimise

    From here you can continually improve the impact of the automation using Unitek analytics that give you clear actions and an easy-to-implement game plan to reach optimal results.

Process Automation Features & Benefits

See how your automation is performing

Monitor all automated processes in real-time, with simple, clearly visualised data.  But most importantly Unitek provides simple actions from that data to make your automation even more effective.


No need to hire analysts, data-scientists or developers.  Unitek is built to be a self-serve platform with no-code capability so it’s easy to maintain, scale and utilise with your existing systems and teams.


Easily automate your existing systems including Sage, Hubspot, and Salesforce through secure, backend connections.  Unitek can work with bespoke and internal.