Process Automation
Automate even the most complicated processes in just a few clicks, all without touching a single line of code or disrupting current systems.

For all its benefits, automation can be challenging.

To start, someone needs to write the code,
and good developers cost a lot.
Next, you need to figure out how to automate your bespoke internal systems and legacy solutions without messing them up, losing data, or slowing down operations.
And that’s not all — you also want to be able to automate new flows on the go as your needs evolve.
No wonder you hesitate to take the plunge.

With Unitek,

automation is a walk in the park.

No code required — use the drag-and-drop function to implement the automations you want.
No need to hire expensive analysts, data scientists, or developers.
Automate any process without disrupting existing systems.
Fully compatible with internal, bespoke, and legacy solutions.
Easily introduce new automations as and when needed.
Use pre-built automated flows or create your own custom solutions.

How It Works


Easily automate your existing systems and processes — including Sage, HubSpot, Google, and Salesforce — using secure backend connections and 100+ integrations.


Monitor each automated application, claim, ticket, order, or invoice in real time. Receive detailed yet easy-to-read benchmark reports with clear ROI to see how the automations are performing compared to manual processes.


Continually improve your automation strategy using Unitek’s powerful analytics and easy-to-implement tips.


Grow your business while cutting back on costs and making the most out of your existing teams and systems.

What Processes Can You Automate?

Claims handling
Policy renewals
Loan processing
Remote work
Accounts receivable
... and more!

Experience the #1 No-Code Process Automation Solution

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