Predictive Analytics
Leverage powerful, data-driven analytics and easy-to-implement recommendations to continually improve your processes, boost efficiency and customer satisfaction, and maximise ROI.

Most analytics solutions on the market make you do all the work.

Sure, they may provide you with copious amounts of data about your business processes, but what good is raw data without a diagnosis and recommended next steps?
To put that data to use, you need to analyse it yourself, wasting valuable time and resources — and running the risk of missing critical pieces of the puzzle.
At Unitek, we take a different approach.

Analysing the Present

to Build Future-Proof Solutions

Collect 100% accurate, in-depth data about your current processes.
Instantly identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and opportunities for improvement.
Receive easy-to-implement advice on boosting efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue generation.
Predict future challenges and create data-driven operational guidelines to prevent issues as you scale.
Ensure all your processes are fully compliant with legal standards and internal rules.
Focus on growing your business instead of fixing endless problems.

How It Works

Collect Data

Receive detailed analytics about your existing systems and processes.

Streamline & Optimise

Use the data-driven insights to perform root-cause analyses and identify opportunities for improvement. Implement them by setting no-code, drag-and-drop automations.

Remove Friction

Leverage the interactive visualisations to drag and drop scenarios, forecast outcomes, identify, and remove friction points in your processes.

Ensure Compliance

Monitor all processes in real time to ensure compliance and reduce legal risk.

Set Best Practices

Draw best-in-class operational guidelines to prevent future inefficiencies and scale your organisation friction-free.


Share data analytics, visualisations, and operational guidelines organisation-wide to improve transparency and accountability.

Data Is All You Need

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