Predictive Analytics

Analytics without a diagnosis and recommended next steps will not move the dial.  Unitek’s predictive analytics collects data points from your current processes and gives you recommended actions that impact your profitability, customer satisfaction and efficiency.

No need to hire data scientists needed and developers. A growth mindset and clear goals is all that is needed to constantly optimise towards your organisation’s performance.

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How Does Predictive Analytics Work?

  • Automate Scale

    Taking the above data, you can now ‘set and forget’ new drag and drop automations while you move onto working on the next set of process improvement opportunities.

  • Create Best Practises

    Next-step analytics not only shows you how to improve, but also how to prevent ineffective processes and frictions within them in the future.  From this you can draw best-in-class operational guidelines making your organisation scaleable.

  • Identify Friction

    We identify and clearly visualise friction points in your processes and map out the measured improvements by removing them.

  • Ensure Compliance, Reduce Risk

    Next-step analytics also monitors all processes to ensure they are compliant in line with legal standards, and the houserules of your organisation and identifies breaches and risks.  

Features & Benefits

Set the course of action that will optimise your processes and scale your business.


Process Analytics provides a complete set of interactive visualisations, allowing you to create drag-and-drop scenarios, to forecast outcomes.


Unitek’s no-code technology can determine the root causes of why your business deviates from your desired levels of process efficiency and ROI.

From there the ‘Happy Path’ is identified: how can we use your existing resources to create the most efficient version of your most important processes.

Discovering the most optimised process


With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can create the perfect analytics visualisations and dases that can be shared across the organisation to create transparency and accountability around improving customer satisfaction for internal and external stakeholders.