On-boarding & Identity Verification

Accelerate the onboarding process for banks, Insurers and fin techs whilst reducing the risk of fraud with Unitek.  This not only helps your business to scale but gets your customer what they want, faster, and with less friction.

Unitek’s document verification technology lets your users scan a photo ID from any device before checking it’s genuine.  It’s a seamless way to anchor an account to the real identity of a customer.

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What role does digital identity play in a customer identity lifecycle?

  • Onboarding Customers Want

    Customers expect self-serve onboarding without holding on a phone for human intervention or having to apply within your operating hours.  Unitek helps you provide secure, simple self-onboarding that will attract thousands of convenience seeking customers, who will have a higher NPS and satisfaction levels.

  • Customer identity and access management (CIAM)

    CIAM enables organizations to manage customer data that gives those customers access to simple, effective and fast self-onboarding tools for getting new services and products.

Intelligent Onboarding Features & Benefits

Customer Satisfaction, Faster

Accelerate the client onboarding process from days, weeks and months to seconds.  With Unitek your processes work to the customer’s expectations, not the other way around


Identity verification requirements for KYC and AML compliance are part of our onboarding solution.  Address these regulations with adjustable configurations to find the right balance of convenience and security, protecting your business and delighting the customer.

Unitek Process X-ray to optimise processes


Staying compliant can add significantly to your operational costs, thanks to manual review. Unitek helps you scale cost-effectively by using a hybrid of technology and experts to reduce your costs.