Intelligent Document Processing

Unitek’s intelligent document capture (OCR) solution provides 99% accurate document automation when extracting handwriting and low-quality machine print from paper, even from scanned documents or PDFs.


Unitek can also put structures on that data and automates the inputting of that data into your existing systems to close that process loop.

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How does intelligent document capture work?

  • Integrate With Legacy Systems

    You can access over 100+ integrations we have already developed including Sage, Hubspot and Salesforce.  Have a legacy internal system? No problem, we can integrate regardless of the technology and age through our APIs.

  • Structure All Formats

    Unitek can normalise document types bringing different formats and sources into one structure and uniform source to reduce human intervention, errors and tedious admin.

  • Extract All Formats

    Unitek handles machine-typed text, handwriting and semi-structured documents with above-human accuracy of >99%.

OCR Features & Benefits

No-to-low Configuration

Introduce your documents to our non-code technology once.  Now it can process and extract the required data to any volume.

Create Workflows

Close the admin loop with end-to-end automation of your data extraction using our drag and drop workflows.

Human Intervention

Make drag-and-drop changes to train our models on new document processes as your business changes.  You can change anything, whenever you want, without technical skills.

Building document automation has never been easier – get started today.