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Data Extraction

From Documents

Unitek.Al works with unstructured documents such as Invoices or Structured Documents such as Insurance Claims Forms.

The Unitek.AI solution provides levels of data extraction accuracy not possible with other platforms. With the ability to achieve 99.9 percent accuracy, our capture technology transforms structured and semi-structured data — including handwriting — into decision-ready insights. Furthermore, data is returned in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks. It is time to say goodbye to long cycle times and lost revenue from manual data extraction. Unitek.AI platform scales automatically and is able to integrate seamlessly into your workflow.
Organisations are looking to move to full digital channels and away from paper-based processes, but the reality is that this is both difficult and expensive, especially for large scale enterprise systems that have multiple products, processes and systems. Furthermore, 84% of people report that they are able to read, process and understand information better when presented in paper form. With Unitek.AI, organisations are able to achieve the efficiencies expected from digital transformation for a fraction of the cost whilst continuing to provide a channel to customers that prefer physical paper forms.

Document Recognition

Our AI powered document classification allows us to automatically detect documents and process them without the need for manual intervention. With Unitek.AI, the need for manual document sorting is removed with further efficiencies achieved by extracting data and automatically entering the data into upstream systems thus eliminating manual intensive processes whilst improving quality, customer experience and the bottom line. Our proprietary algorithms can handle structured documents but also extract data from semi-structured documents such as Invoices.

Use Case: Solving Problems with AI

Using NLP & semantic understanding we identify the key data points in your invoices.

  • Invoice Date

  • Invoice Number

  • Supplier

  • Net Amount

With the data now in a structured format [JSON] we can now convert this
into any required file format such as csv, txt, xls, xml.

Handwriting Recognition

Powered by our proprietary algorithms, Unitek.AI is able to do something that traditional capture solutions cannot do. Our ability to extract handwriting from forms such as Insurance Claims forms, Mortgage Applications, Credit Card Applications forms and return the data digitally to over 99.9% accuracy is what sets us apart – and we can prove it.

Use Case: Handwriting Recognition & Extraction


Data Accuracy

Data Accuracy to levels of over 99.9% including handwriting

Time to Value

Seamless processing ensures accurate data returned within 12-24 hours

Touchless Transactions

Handling of paper and validation of paper all done seamlessly without the need for any interaction from your enterprise

Cost Savings

Scaleable and Elastic Cloud Infrastructure that allows for increase in volume without disruption



Intelligent Robotic

Process Automation

Our powerful cloud based iRPA Platform uses Computer Vision to simplify the lifecycle of RPA deployments and ensure that automation outcomes are achieved every time. Our focus is on speed, reliability, and ease of use to ensure that you have access to a best-in class automation platform to deliver automation outcomes.


  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Scalable
  • Cloud


  • AI Powered Automation
  • Low-Code Platform
  • Securely Hosted in the cloud


Automation outcomes 70% quicker than other platforms

Lower TCO in comparison to on-premise deployed platforms

Achieve Operational Efficiencies of up to 90%

Positive impact on Customer Experience


Natural Language

Chat Bots

Whether your focus is retail, commercial, or investment banking, insurance, or fintech, bots can provide a conversational and engaging experience for your customers. By offering the value-added, yet sustainable, services beyond normal business hours consumers expect, leaders in this space stand to attract new customers, drive more sales per customer, and cultivate loyalty in the digital age.

Example: Banking Chatbot


With Round-the-clock self-service, Consistent cross-channel UX, Relevant, actionable offers, Data-informed recommendations, Faster, secure transactions and more.


Turn yesterday’s banking tasks into easy, modern text, keystroke, and spoken commands, and grab millennial market share and engage more segments with a personalized, scalable approach


Forget rip-and-replace tech and expedite speed-to-market by partnering with Unitek.AI for optimisation and implementation,


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