Nothing Is Perfect,

Everything is Optimisable

In the world of financial services, information is currency. Unitek’s OptimiseXP arms you with big data and predictive analytics, enabling you to visualise operational processes in depth, spot inefficiencies, and streamline workflows in just a few clicks.

Put inefficiency
on notice

To set your business up for success, you need new and better ways to deliver value to customers. Unfortunately, wasteful inefficiencies and stubborn bottlenecks get in the way.

Instead of focusing on revenue-generating activities and customers, operations teams must overcome:

→  Repetitive manual and tedious back-office tasks
→  Increasingly complex, laborious, and time-consuming workflows
→  Hidden costs and hiccups that seem to pop up daily
But what if you could receive data-driven actionable insights to spot inefficiencies and improve your processes?

Bite Size Your Big Data

Process X-Ray

Get an accurate, detailed, and easy-to-understand visual of your business processes. Our process mining solution quickly identifies bottlenecks, hidden costs, and opportunities for improvement and offers actionable insights for optimising your workflows.

The result? Time and money spent on the things that move the needle.

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Predictive Analytics

Monitor how your workflows perform in real time and get in-depth analytics, data-driven insights, and detailed recommendations.

Leverage the power of data to predict and avert future challenges before they arise, fine-tune your processes, maximise efficiency, and boost ROI.
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Go Beyond Optimisation


Use web forms, chatbots, mobile apps, online portals, digital wallets, surveys, and other smart tools to connect with customers, boost engagement, and streamline onboarding, at scale.

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Leverage our intelligent document processing, onboarding, and ID verification solutions to save time, reduce human error, and eliminate resource-draining manual processes, with no-code AI.

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Level Up Your Decision-Making with OptimiseXP

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