Financial Service Is Complex,

Customer Engagement
Shouldn’t Be

Turn expensive and time-consuming paper-based processes into lightning-fast,
digital onboarding with EngageXP, your new robot concierge.
It automates everything from contact detail collection, document gathering,
and applicant verification all the way through to approval,
so you can focus on higher-value work.

You get ONE chance

to make a good first impression

Yet, many businesses squander the opportunity.
Prospective customers are routinely forced to:

→  Manually complete mountains of paperwork
→  Book in-person appointments just to open an account
→  Hold on the phone forever before they can speak to someone
→  Provide the same information over and over again

No wonder so many new accounts give up halfway through.

Start Customer
Relationships Right

Unitek’s EngageXP smooths out the customer’s first touch — that golden opportunity to make a good first impression and lay the foundation for a lasting bond with your business.

But that’s not all. We also make it easier for customers to interact with you throughout the customer lifecycle. It’s as easy as swiping a finger, clicking a button, or snapping a picture with a smartphone.

Meet Customers

Where They Are



Mobile Apps

Digital Wallets



Automated prompts
& reminders


Empower Customers To

Fill-in and sign important paperwork digitally

Scan and upload documents and photo IDs from any device

Submit information, applications, forms, claims, and other documentation in just a few clicks

Centralise accounts and add products and services through intuitive and painless self-service

Connect with customer service reps via phone, email, live chat, text messaging, or video

Stay in the loop with automated messages, prompts, and reminders

Cue Customer Delight

in 1... 2... 3

Your Channels

Web forms, chatbots, in-app messaging, or outbound systems? Unitek integrates with the channels your customers already use.

Your Systems

Unitek’s flexible APIs and webhooks make connecting to internal systems like modern web platforms or legacy ERPs a breeze.

Your Customers

Unitek makes managing customer interaction a breeze — boosting customer satisfaction, NPS scores, and retention rates.

Start the conversation

Go Beyond Engagement


Use web forms, chatbots, mobile apps, online portals, digital wallets, surveys, and other smart tools to connect with customers, boost engagement, and streamline onboarding, at scale.

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Harness the power of big data and predictive analytics to instantly visualise your business processes, uncover hidden costs, break bottlenecks, and optimise your workflows.

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Boost Engagement with EngageXP

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