An intelligent
automation platform, for

Better Financial Services

Finance teams spend 40% of their time on manual and paper-based processes. Unitek’s no-code Automation Experience Platform automates thousands of processes a second to give you that time back.

Why You Need

Intelligent Automation

Reduce Your
Admin Overhead

Manual procedures, paper-based documents, inefficient IT processes, and legacy software slow your teams down.

Our technology enables you to streamline your workflows, take control, and focus on core business activities instead of repetitive admin tasks.

Enhance the
Customer Experience

By lifting so many processes off your teams’ shoulders, we help redirect their attention to what matters most: your customers.

Build fully personalised experiences
and deliver exceptional service that will wow the crowd and outperform the competition, evan as you grow.


With Unitek’s Automation Experience Platform, you can launch new features and drastically shorten your time-to-market without hiring additional staff or compromising security, compliance, product quality, or customer service.

Shine a Light
on Inefficiency

To effectively improve your business, you first need to know what works and what needs a little tweaking.

Our Process X-Ray and Predictive Analytics solutions provide an in-depth look into all your processes so that you can understand how your organisation truly functions.

Access to
Enterprise Tech

Intelligent automation is no longer just for the biggest corporations and Silicon Valley juggernauts.

Our drag-and-drop builder puts enterprise technology at your fingertips, so you can build on existing systems and easily automate any process without hiring a team of IT professionals or investing in expensive new architecture.

Stay Ahead of the
Innovation Curve

Our team of automation experts and data scientists are at the forefront of the technology curve.

We're investing heavily into finding ways to improve our products and deliver better solutions to you, your organisation, and your customers.

Unified Platform.

Unlimited Potential.

In a world of rapid and pervasive digital transformation, outdated tech is no longer a mere nuisance. It’s an unjustifiable — and a very real — risk.

The solution? Unitek’s Automation Experience Platform — a powerful, scalable, AI-powered intelligent automation platform designed to boost customer engagement, automate critical workflows, and diagnose hidden bottlenecks in your processes.


We'll arm you with a world-class arsenal of communication tools — mobile apps, chatbots, customer portals, smart contact forms, digital wallets, and more — to drive and automate engagement, free up your employees, and boost customer satisfaction.

EngageXP combines cutting-edge tech, innovative features, and user-friendly interface solutions to simplify the way customers interact with financial service providers.

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AutomateXP delivers powerful yet easy-to-use solutions that enable you to automate thousands of processes on the fly, without writing a line of code or hiring expensive IT professionals.

Access an ever-growing library of pre-built connectors that integrate with 100+ systems, including Google, AWS, HubSpot, Sage, and Salesforce, plus connectors for bespoke internal platforms and legacy software.

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Get a detailed visualisation of every process in your organisation in just one click and see opportunities for improvement and hidden costs at a glance.

But that’s not all. OptimiseXP also provides you with a step-by-step action plan to quickly and easily fine-tune your processes. No code or developers needed.

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Connect the tools you love

There’s no need to change software or systems. Unitek slots right into your current set-up so you can continue using your ERP, accounting, project management, marketing, file sharing, CRM, and any other solutions as normal.

Our APIs connect seamlessly to dozens of popular applications without replacing or disrupting them. Unitek is compatible with even the oldest or bespoke internal systems and 100+ modern platforms, including Google, AWS, Azure, Sage, Salesforce, Xero, and more.

Getting Started

with Unitek is easy



your biggest issues

Share the tough challenges that neither money nor headcount have been able to solve.



what's possible

Book a personalised demo to see how Unitek can integrate and automate your organisation.



your customers

Free your teams to focus on work that improves customer engagement and your bottom line.

What Do You Want To Build?

Our Automation Experience Platform can help you optimise processes, save time and resources, slash operational costs, and deliver faster outcomes. Interested?

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