In Financial Services,
Time Is Money.

Automation Saves Both.

Replace tedious manual processes and sluggish legacy software with intelligent automation that gets things done in seconds. AutomateXP delivers the prowess of an army of developers and data scientists at the fraction of the cost — no coding required.

Your team is drowning
in paper and repetitive tasks

Financial service providers should spend a lot of time with their customers. After all, it’s their money on the line. But instead, customer-facing teams waste time and money:

→  Chasing lost paper forms and missing signatures
→  Manually syncing internal systems
→  Correcting easily-avoidable human errors
→  Manually running AML, KYC, and ID verification checks

Automation presents a better way to do business, at scale.

Supercharge Your Workflows With AI

Process Automation

Automate a wide range of mission-critical tasks and processes in minutes using Unitek’s intuitive drag-and-drop automation builder. All without writing a line of code.

You get to keep all your existing software, too. Our pre-built connectors integrate seamlessly with 100+ systems, including Google, AWS, Salesforce, Xero, Sage, plus bespoke internal systems, and decades-old legacy platforms.

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Document Processing

Ditch manual data entry and paper document backlogs with Unitek's AI platform for Intelligent Document Processing. Our AI is trained to spot key customer data inside large sets of complex documents, so you can respond to customers in record time.

Our document OCR scans all data formats and document types in seconds — from handwriting and machine print to scanned files, PDFs, and images — with minimal configuration and mind-blowing accuracy.
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Intelligent Onboarding & Identity Verification

Empower customers and free up your employees with quick and easy self-service onboarding. It takes just a few clicks or finger swipes for customers to scan and verify photo IDs from any device, get onboarded, and control their personal data. Hardly any intervention is required on your end.

Best of all, our solution reduces the risk of fraud and is fully GDPR, KYC, and AML compliant.
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Go Beyond Automation


Use web forms, chatbots, mobile apps, online portals, digital wallets, surveys, and other smart tools to connect with customers, boost engagement, and streamline onboarding, at scale.
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Harness the power of big data and predictive analytics to instantly visualise your business processes, uncover hidden costs, break bottlenecks, and optimise your workflows.
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Revolutionise Your Business Processes with AutomateXP

Unitek’s next-gen automation solutions are cost-effective, done-for-you, and easy-to-use. Hit the button to see how it works.
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