Cutting-Edge Automation for  Trailblazing Tech Companies

Use our best-in-class artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to cut back on costs, optimise your processes, build revolutionary products, and stand out in today’s hyper-competitive tech industry.

The tech scene is more crowded than ever.

From small start-ups to global tech giants, the industry has never seen so many market players vying for consumer attention.
That means one thing:
To get ahead of the competition, you need all the help you can get.
This is where our Automation Experience Platform comes in.
It offers quick, easy, and cost-effective solutions that effectively eliminate bottlenecks, streamline workflows, and automate processes, freeing you to focus on building winning products and connecting with your customers.

Get at the Forefront of

the Tech Industry with Unitek

Get an instant X-ray of all your processes, no matter how complex, to quickly uncover inefficiencies, hidden costs, and opportunities for optimisation.
Automate manual and repetitive tasks to streamline your workflows, saving time, costs, and resources.
Implement your desired automations without touching a line of code or hiring expensive developers.
Seamlessly integrate the Automation Experience Platform with disparate internal systems, including bespoke and legacy software.
Maximise customer satisfaction with lightning-fast processes and frictionless self-service capabilities that require little to no human intervention.
Hit the market faster and boost your ROI by spending less time on monotonous admin tasks and more on essential business activities.

Powering These Partners

How It Works


Effortlessly integrate the automations you need with your internal software. Our solutions work with 100+ platforms, including Google, HubSpot, Sage, Salesforce, and more.


Get a detailed snapshot of all your processes in minutes to identify what works and what doesn’t — and what you can do about it.


Use the drag-and-drop functionality to quickly and easily implement your desired automations without writing a line of code or relying on costly developers.

Verify & Onboard

Scan and verify photo IDs and onboard customers instantaneously.


Automate and speed up manual and repetitive admin tasks from days and weeks to seconds.

Stay Compliant

Maintain a record of activity logs and stay compliant and in the know about the latest regulations at all times.

Focus On Creating Next-Gen Tech Products

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