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Streamline document processing, centralise communications, automate and integrate systems, and remove bottlenecks across your organisation without touching a line of code.

Who Optimises the Optimisers?

Your job is to synchronise systems and streamline resources across your organisation. In other words, you're here to make everyone's life easier.

But who makes your life easier?
Whose job is it to take the load off your shoulders?

That's where Unitek comes in. Our no-code automation solutions are the superpower you never knew you needed or existed.

In just a few clicks, you can streamline and integrate systems, eliminate bottlenecks, and centralise communication across your entire organisation. All without writing a line of code.

Stay on Top

of Your Organisation's Needs

Centralise and manage
inter-departmental communication
and support requests.
Automate organisation-wide
processes using Unitek's no-code
drag-and-drop Automation Canvas.
Integrate 100+ applications,
including legacy software and
bespoke internal systems.
Boost operational efficiency by
quickly diagnosing and removing
admin bottlenecks.
Monitor for inefficiencies and
cost overruns in real time.
Reduce paperwork and speed up
document processing across

Powering These Partners

How It Works


Our Automation Experience Platform integrates seamlessly into your existing stack including Google, AWS, Xero, Sage, Salesforce, bespoke platforms, and legacy systems.


Leverage our Process X-Ray tool to get a hyper-detailed of your workflows and identify bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement.


Deploy your desired automations on the fly and in just a few clicks using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface. No coding or developer experience is needed.

Verify & Onboard

Help customer-facing teams scan and verify photo IDs and onboard customers automatically with minimal human intervention.


Leverage automation to speed up mission-critical processes
from weeks and days to minutes.

Stay Compliant

Keep a detailed record of activity logs and always stay up to date
and fully compliant with the latest regulations.

Bring It All Together

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