Harnessing Automation to Boost Operational Excellence

Whether you’re leading operations or tasked with optimise your company’s processes as an operational excellence professional, Unitek’s no-code automation technology offers a simple, highly effective solution.

Still operating things the analogue way?

Operational excellence traditionally involves a great deal of manual observation, human intervention, analogue processes and extrapolating conclusions from small and imprecise data sets.
After months of hard work and considerable sunk costs on your part, it’s not uncommon for customers to lose patience and enthusiasm for the project.
Make analogue a thing of the past.

Speed Up Operational Excellence Processes

with Unitek

Instantly visualise workflows to detect and remove bottlenecks and hidden costs.
Automate operational excellence processes to speed up value delivery to internal and external customers.
Leverage robust analytics to optimise performance and share data-driven insights with key stakeholders.
Easily introduce new automations when and as required to continually drive operational excellence.
Integrate our solutions without disrupting your internal systems, including Sage, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Google.
Improve the success of business improvement grants while reducing financial risk.

Powering These Partners

How It Works


Capture and visualise all operational processes at a glance to identify bottlenecks, vulnerabilities, and hidden costs and find opportunities for optimisation.

Measure & Analyse

Use powerful analytics to measure process performance and analyse the root causes of problems.


Optimise performance by implementing desired automations quickly and easily using a simple drag-and-drop functionality. No code needed. Continue to introduce new processes when and as required.


Stay on top of improved processes and future performance using predictive analytics, constantly monitoring improvements, and sharing real-time data with stakeholders and customers.

Operational Excellence Starts Here

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