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The old way of operational excellence was paved with manual observation, human intervention and extrapolating conclusions from small imprecise data sets.  This is after months of work at which point your client (internal or external) has potentially lost vigour and enthusiasm for the project. 


Unitek is Automation Made Easy.  We speed up operational excellence processes and projects providing more robust data and actions for you to present to key stakeholders. 


Taking the DMAIC framework from Six Sigma, here is how Unitek will transform your impact as operational excellence professional

What makes our no-code automation tools unique is that they are non-exhaustive and non-invasive. Every organisation introduces new processes on a daily or monthly basis.

With UniTek, we provide drag-and-drop functionality so you can constantly automate new flows without a single line of code or disrupting current systems, even if they are internal and legacy.

Operational Excellence Unitek
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Unitek is Enterprise Ireland’s Preferred Lean Platform

  • Improve, Continuous Measurement

    Unitek’s automation suite and predictive analytics will help you deliver the actions identified in DMA through automation. Our automation is no-code, drag-and-drop, and works with even the oldest legacy internal systems.

    Our predictive analytics suite will help you constantly monitor the improvements made, and give you a shareable real-time data source with your stakeholders and clients.

  • Define, Measure, Analyse

    Using Unitek’s Process X-ray you will speed up the define, measure, and analyse of DMAIC from three months to 48 hours!

    With our visualisations and analysis, you will instantly identify how to remove bottlenecks, unlock hidden costs, and speed up the delivery of value to internal and external customers.

    See more about our process x-ray capability here

Are you an Irish operational excellence professional or a company interested in rapidly transforming your processes using Unitek?

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Claim Grants and get supports to be be lean

Leveraging Unitek’s no-code platform to transform your processes can be claimed through business improvement grants which reduces the financial risk whilst ensuring success and impact.  


Contact Unitek today and find out how we can help accelerate operational excellence to become a way of working whilst impacting on the kpis that matter.