No-code Automation that will Revolutionise Progressive Insurance Companies

How Unitek Generates Fast ROI For Your Insurance Company

We automate entire workflows so you have more capacity to focus on your policy holders

Maintaining Regulatory Compliance

Complying with the frequently changing strict guidelines for documentation and audit trails can be difficult. Unitek frequently monitors the insurance company regulatory compliance and maintains a record of all activity logs so that the chances of a breach are exponentially decreased.

Improve Customer Experience

Managing customer queries can be a slow process that negatively impacts the customer journey.  With the support of Unitek’s digital workforce, insurance companies are able to lower the timeline of customer service responsiveness and provide fast results without human intervention.

Speed-up Claims, Applications and Renewals Processing

Our no-code automation executes on thousands of processes in seconds.

We Work with Some Great Banks and Fintechs

No-code Automation for Insurance Companies that Love their Customers


Claims & Applications

Extract customer data and automate its entry, even from handwritten documents.


Intelligent onboarding

Uniteks Document Verification lets your users scan a photo ID from any device, before checking it’s genuine. It’s a seamless way to anchor an account to the real identity of a customer.


Legacy Systems?

While Unitek can integrate with 100+ of the latest platforms including Sage, Salesforce, Hubspot and others, our no-code technology can integrate with even the oldest internal legacy systems.