Easy Automation Solutions for Busy Finance Teams

In finance, every second is precious — and costs money. By automating manual and repetitive processes, you can free up time to focus on what matters most: your customers and revenue-generating activities.

Finance teams have a lot on their plate.

To remain competitive in the digial economy, they need to continually identify and reduce operational friction and optimise performance.
Here’s the good news:
By digitising manual processes and automating as many workflows as possible, you can free up working capital, maximise productivity, and boost ROI.

Give Finance Teams

What They Need For Peak Performance

Create frictionless workflows and customer experiences.
Optimise performance and drive better outcomes across the finance industry.
Save time, reduce operational costs, and redirect resources and human capital to core business activities.
Manage risk and compliance with ease and peace of mind.
Leverage powerful, data-driven analytics to improve your processes and fix weak spots.
Boost your ROI without hiring expensive developers and data scientists or replacing your existing software.

Powering These Partners

How It Works


Seamlessly integrate our automation solutions into your internal systems, whatever they may be. The system works with 100+ platforms, including legacy and bespoke software.


Get a detailed X-ray of all your processes to understand how they really work and identify opportunities for improvement.


Use the simple drag-and-drop automation builder to implement your desired functionalities instantly. No code required.

Verify & Onboard

Rapidly scan and verify photo IDs and onboard customers with minimal human intervention.


Automate and speed up accounts payable, accounts receivable, procurement, shared services, data extraction and entry, and more from days and weeks to seconds.

Stay Compliant

Maintain a record of all activity logs and stay on top of compliance regulations at all times.

Really Know Your Numbers

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