AI-Powered Automation for Next-Gen Banks and Fintechs

Speed up internal and customer-facing processes from days or weeks to seconds, improve consumer satisfaction, and boost your ROI while reducing operational costs and staying compliant.

Welcome to the 21st century.

We know you care about your customers.

They are your bread and butter, and they deserve the best.
But how can you provide a smooth customer experience when tasks like customer onboarding and new account creation take so much time, and your organisation still relies on paper documents that are a pain to key into your legacy systems?
Cumbersome processes like these aren’t hurting just customer satisfaction. Your bottom line is taking a hit as well.

Give Your Customers the

Seamless Experience They Deserve

Accelerate ID verification, onboarding, mortgage and card applications, and other processes from weeks to seconds.
Automate data extraction and entry with 99% accuracy, even for handwritten, scanned, and paper documents.
Visualise and understand your processes to find opportunities for improvement and fix vulnerabilities.
Boost customer satisfaction with fast, simple, and effective processes that require little human intervention.
Ensure compliance while reducing costs and optimising your workflows.
Free time and resources to focus on the essential: growing your business and boosting ROI.

Powering These Partners

How It Works


Sync Unitek’s automation platform with your internal systems, no matter how old they are. We work with 100+ platforms, including Sage, Salesforce, HubSpot, Google, and bespoke in-house software.


Get a snapshot of your processes and map out all possible variants to find opportunities for optimisation and identify weak spots.


Drag and drop the functionalities you want to automate your desired workflows. No code required.

Verify & Onboard

Scan photo IDs from any device, verify customers’ identities, and onboard them in no time with minimal human intervention.


Extract and enter data automatically with 99% accuracy, even from poorly structured, handwritten, machine-typed, and scanned documents. Speed up mortgage and card applications and other processes to mere seconds.

Stay Compliant

Ensure your peace of mind as we continually monitor compliance regulations.

Put a Smile on Customers’ Faces

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