No-code Automation for Banks and Fintechs that Love Their Customers

How Unitek Generates Fast ROI

Unitek helps progressive financial institutions deliver incredible customer experiences, thousands of times a second.

Intelligent onboarding

Speed-up Mortgage Applications Card applications and other processes and improve accuracy

Improve Customer Experience

Customers want you to work to their timeline, and expect fast, simple and effective processes that require little human intervention.

We Work with Some Great Banks and Fintechs

No-code Automation for Banks and Fintechs that Love their Customers


Mortgage, Account, Card and other Applications

Unitek’s intelligent onboarding allows accurate verification of documents in your onboarding processes. It’s faster, easier and can be done from any advice with 100% accuracy on identity verification.


Legacy Systems?

Unitek integrates with 100+ of the latest platforms including Sage, Salesforce, Hubspot and others. But don’t worry, we know many banks and fintechs work with legacy internal systems. We can integrate with those too, no matter how old!