Frequently Asked

Where is Unitek based?
Unitek is an Irish company and we have offices in Dublin and London.
My data is not clean and I have no idea how to extract it from legacy systems.
Can I use Unitek?
We can work with systems no matter how old.
Do I need to hire data analysts or a data scientist to use Unitek to its full potential?
No. Our next-step analytics and other data sources do the crunching for you and present easily filled insights and actions through visualisations.
Do I need to hire developers to implement Unitek?
Unitek prides itself on being a no-code platform. You do not need to hire developers to use Unitek.
Once Unitek is up and running, what do we need to do to maintain it and ensure we are making the most of it?
Unitek is simply drag-and-drop. Any updates or improvements Unitek makes to its platform are automatically updated in your product with no interruption to processes.
I have processes that change regularly.
How does that work with Unitek?
Unitek is a no-code, drag-and-drop platform. It is easy to update, create new automations and flows and you are provided with the training and onboarding to help you achieve this easily.
What support do I get when implementing Unitek?
Unitek will help you get set up and implement your flows. Our team is always here to help if you have questions or issues and we provide you with a comprehensive userguide for ongoing questions.
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