There are numerous processes in the Banking and insurance sectors which require details and forms to be manually completed by hand, be it, writing up a new account opening form, payment transfer forms or direct debit payment links. These handwritten materials are later entered into the Bank’s system to either process payments or provide the consumers with the product. The main problem in this whole process is handwriting manual data entry that is highly operational and time-consuming in nature. 

HOW UNITEK.AI HELPED was engaged by one of Ireland’s leading banks to automate the extraction of data from handwritten PAY LINK forms which they were receiving on a daily basis. Using the platform the data was extracted from the scanned forms and put into a structured data format.


The platform was able to extract and provide the data from these handwritten forms into a format which was automatically integrated with the Banks systems and the handwritten data extracted was to 99.9% accuracy. Saving the bank over 70% on processing costs and the project was implemented within a few days.