One of the issues in receiving data on images from a large number of individual sources is obtaining this image in a consistent and good enough quality to enable the data to be extracted. This often results in large amounts of time being spent processing images before the data can be extracted.


One of Germany’s largest gas transmission companies was faced with a regulatory requirement of cataloguing and recording its full asset register onto a digital platform. This needed to cover around 30 compressor stations with multiple legacy types of equipment as well as their whole gas pipeline. The metal plates which contained the data relating to specific parts were photographed. However, there was a challenge in that the images were supplied by multiple people and the quality of the image and data recorded varied quite significantly.

HOW UNITEK.AI HELPED successfully won a competition where its technology was selected to provide this solution. Through the Unitek platform, the extraction of data was automated and the use of the app ensured that any image quality issues are eliminated and that there is no requirement to process images before they are consumed by the platform. Getting it right the first time, every time, this accelerated the time to complete the project and removed a substantial amount of labour costs while eliminating any quality issues.