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eBook Mortgage Application and Automation

eBook | Automation Made Easy: How No-Code Automation Transforms Mortgage Applications

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Today, 53% of financial firms use automation to identify and eliminate operational bottlenecks to serve their customers better. The most common bottlenecks exist in processing documents, manual tasks, and legacy systems. These bottlenecks significantly impact processes like mortgage applications, that are particularly paper heavy.

A single document costs at least €10.55 to manually process

Imagine how this cost grows considering how many documents a typical mortgage application contains. Automation not only helps reduce that cost by an average of 29%, but also reduces the frequency of human error.

You know automation works, but where do you start?

At Unitek, we aim to make automation accessible. Dive into our eBook to learn more about the benefits of no-code automation and how Unitek can optimize your business. 

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