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A Cheat Sheet to RPA and Automation

What is RPA?

Simply put robotic process automation software automates tasks to streamline processes and increase efficiency. The technology aims to get rid of manual tasks and shorten task timelines delivering better and faster results. For example, when processing a standard invoice, automation reduces the human touch points, which in turn increases productivity and reduces human error.

What can it do?

Process automation eliminates high volume, manual tasks and reduces keystrokes for employees. Companies can apply digital transformation to processes like data extraction or entry (OCR), intelligent onboarding, data analytics, and more. The possibilities are truly endless.

What industries use it and what do they use it for?

Insurance - Insurance companies can use automation to maintain regulatory compliance. The automation tools can monitor regulatory changes and check internal systems to ensure all operations are up to date. The software can help businesses meet customer expectations by improving customer service responsiveness and providing fast results. Applications in insurance include optimizing claims and applications processes via extracting customer data and automating its entry.  Automation software can even scan and process handwritten information and digitize it easily.

At Unitek, insurance companies can utilize the Document Verification tool for intelligent onboarding. A customer can scan their photo ID from any device to anchor an account to their real identity.

Example: With Unitek, insurance companies have access to Intelligent Onboarding which allows users to scan a photo ID from any device to verify personal information. Users can quickly submit claims with the hassle of waiting for a manual check of their identity.

Banking/Fintech - Banks or financial services can utilize process automation to onboard their customers quickly and easily. After onboarding, customers still expect fast and simple processes that do not require interactions with human employees. Process automation can help businesses meet those expectations.

Banks can also use Unitek's intelligent onboarding for simpler and faster document verification. Not only is the process faster, but it is 100% accurate in regards to identity verification.  Banks can use this document and identity verification in processing customers' mortgages, accounts, cards, and other applications.

Example: When applying for a mortgage an individual will often submit over 100 pages of paperwork. Previously, if there was an error in a single piece of that documentation, like a misspelled address, the individual would have to resubmit. Automation allows for a simple and quick error identification and correction to eliminate any pain points.

Finance Teams - Platforms like Unitek can reduce operational friction and optimize processes for finance teams. Such platforms can maximize productivity and drive better outcomes using automation.

Finance teams can use process automation in streamlining all accounts, procurement, shared services, and process excellence.

Example: Finance teams can use automation to optimize their accounts payable processes. Manual invoices often contain errors like an incorrect VAT or address due to the mass of data. Automation not only recognizes those errors but also corrects them on the spot.

Operational Excellence - Traditionally, operational excellence required direct observation and manual analysis to draw meaningful insights. Unitek applies automation to make meaningful conclusions based on valuable data. Automation delivers these insights quickly and accurately so businesses can express a clear message to key stakeholders.

Example: When working through manual processes, some employees may skip mandatory steps to complete their task quickly. With automation, companies can identify those skipped steps and pause the entire process until the mandatory steps are completed. In this case, automation improves operational excellence via enhancing compliance with ease.

What are the benefits?

In today's world, daily tasks often slow down human employees and impact efficiency. Using automation technology, businesses can revolutionize the workday for employees and improve engagement or satisfaction by eliminating those daily tasks. Instead, employees can spend their time thinking creatively and using their skills to make a difference.

Companies can reduce costs with RPA tools by reducing the frequency of human error and expediting task delivery. Instead, companies can reallocate their budget to functions that have a stronger impact on the bottom line.

The technology can also improve customer satisfaction by providing faster results without human intervention and producing automatic customer service inquiries.

Why Unitek?

At Unitek, we prioritize offering no-code automation for companies that love their customers. We help our clients deliver results without sacrificing valuable resources to tedious tasks. We support our clients in integrating process automation to reduce costs, optimize processes, and wow customers.

With Unitek's no-code offering, we work alongside clients to enhance operations without disrupting current legacy systems. We want our clients to see a clear ROI in up to 6 weeks. Unitek makes it simple with no upfront costs. Instead, we charge on usage rather than tools and time. We are determined to make process automation accessible and impactful with each of our clients.

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